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Bring Your Natural Volume Back to Your Lips

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 2:40 pm

As we age the muscles around our mouth start to pull down and into our mouth. We also lose skin elasticity and the fat cushioning that are part of youthful, pillow-y lips.  What can we do when we are left with a thin version of what we used to have?

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Filler in the lips is a fantastic way to instantly add volume back and when done correctly should look naturally youthful, not the famous duck lips! Filler lasts 3-12 months and is all about placement and your physician’s understanding of where you are losing volume. Dr. Jackson and I have spent years perfecting this technique and continually work to select the product and placement that will leave you looking fabulous.

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Botox is another way we can help the lip area look refreshed. Using your orbicularis oris, the pursing muscle around the mouth, creates vertical lines radiating from the lips. When you purse tightly, your lips look smaller because you are literally squeezing them. Muscle overuse from smoking, holding tension in your face, or just natural aging creates the dreaded “smoker lines” – Set in lines that do not go away when you relax your muscles. A few units of expertly placed Botox for your lips will reduce these fine lines and is a great preventative treatment for those who see the fine lines starting to form! Botox will naturally cause the muscle to relax, helping prevent deepening of creases. The subtle, mild relaxation will also create a subtle roll back to your lip-this allows a nice appearance of fullness without one drop of filler. Even our 20-30 year olds love this treatment.

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Botox can also help reduce the appearance of “gummy” smiles. We inject tiny doses of Botox precisely into the muscle that elevates the lip creating the perfect smile. Results from Botox around the lips last 2-3 months. We will help you decide if you’re a candidate for this fabulous treatment!

Enjoy great skin!


Deirdre Hooper, MD

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